Probation Association of New Jersey

Probation Association of Jersey.  

Tuition Aid Reimbursement

Instructions for the completion and submission of the
Tuition Aid Form for the PANJ-EF 74TH Annual Conference

Pertinent information for the employee:
  1. The application MUST be sent to the tuition aid mailbox:
    Please do not send directly to the HR Coordinator or HR Manager.
    Applications are 1st come 1st serve, so the time date stamp of the e-mail is critical.
  2. Fiscal documentation must be submitted to the Tuition Aid Coordinator no later than 6 weeks after the end date of the course. That cut-off date is: 5:00pm on 1/3/2017. Fiscal documentation received after that date and time will not be considered and the application will be forfeited for untimely submission.
    Employees should e-mail these documents directly to their Tuition Aid Coordinator so that there is an e-mail date and time stamp.
  3. All information can be located within the Tuition Aid Instructions
  4. It is the employee"s responsibility to submit their applications and fiscal documentation timely. The application is partially completed so that all the employee needs to complete is their personal information and date and sign. Electronic signatures are allowable (example: /s/Employee Name)