Probation Association of New Jersey

Probation Association of Jersey.  

Contracts and Negotiations

PANJ negotiates labor contracts with the New Jersey Judicial Branch for the employees who are represented by us. PANJ has two bargaining units called the Case-related Professional unit and the Professional Supervisor's unit. In the Case-related unit are approximately 1,800 Probation Officers, Senior Probation Officers, Master Probation Officers, and other Professional titles performing similar functions. The Professional Supervisors are less numerous but are more diverse. That unit is composed of approximately 800 individuals such as Principal Probation Officers, Team Leaders, Supervising Probation Officers, and many others.

PANJ has two negotiation teams, one for each unit. They are composed of employees who actually work in the unit being negotiated for, so they know the meaning of the contract language. They also have a direct connection with what is agreed to at the negotiation table. These two teams use the services of our lead attorney and his staff as spokespersons and for advice in this area.

The leaders of the two negotiation teams are Ellen Cribbin, First Vice-President Line Staff, for the Case-related unit, and Gavin Cummings, First Vice President Supervisory Unit, for the Professional Supervisors.