Probation Association of New Jersey

Probation Association of Jersey.  

About the Probation Association of New Jersey

The Probation Association of New Jersey is the professional alliance and union for Probation Officers and other employees of the New Jersey Judicial Branch who perform similar functions. PANJ is a not-for-profit 501(c)(5) American tax-exempt nonprofit organization managed and driven by public employees, serving New Jersey since 1904. PANJ has been a professional association for one hundred and five years. In 1988 its leaders determined that it should also act as a labor union in order to better serve the needs of the members, protect the integrity of the profession, and thus promote the public's interest. PANJ accomplishes these goals by acting as the collective bargaining representative for Probation Officers and their supervisors in two separate bargaining units.

PANJ has a public affairs counsel to facilitate interaction with state legislators and other governmental entities. We host an annual Training Conference each year to provide our members with the opportunity for professional growth. PANJ prints two newsletters to keep those we represent informed of our activities and important news. Our primary newsletter, the INSIGHT, is registered with the Library of Congress.

This organization is an affiliate member of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA). Our representatives attend their training institutes around the country. Dwight Covaleskie, President of PANJ, is our APPA representative.

Our Mission

  • To defend and improve the rights and privileges of Probation Officers and other Judicial employees in this state, and maintain an organizational structure capable of doing so.

  • To sponsor and provide effective training for Probation Officers, court employees, and other interested members of the community, so they may continue to develop as professionals.

  • To maintain an information center for the dissemination of pertinent news and as a library of significant documents.


The Probation Association of New Jersey is the professional alliance and union for Probation Officers and other Judicial employees performing similar duties. PANJ represents employees in their relationship with their employer. This usually takes the form of collective bargaining with management and advocacy at grievance and discipline hearings.

PANJ provides pertinent news to those who the organization represents, and this web page is the newest means to that end. We also host an annual training conference for professionals in our field.